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The Cosmic Collection is a collection of magical CBD-infused products intentionally created to enhance and harness the energy of each astrological sign. 

Each handmade product is infused with magic, as well as our organically-grown CBD, ethically sourced crystals from Appalachian Rock Shop, and intentional blends of essential oils, flowers, and herbs. There is a duality, a both/and, within each of these cosmically-aligned products. Each one is designed to enhance the natural essence and gifts of the astrological sign as well as bring balance to where that sign’s energy can be challenged. 


As we move through the year, we collectively move through each sign's season. Therefore, you can choose products based on the season we are in to help navigate the energy. You can also choose based on upcoming New Moons, Full Moons, or based on whatever energy you want to enhance in your life. We have all the signs present in our birth charts, so use your intuition to guide you to what you need at this moment. You can also, of course, choose products based on your sun, moon, and/or rising sign.

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Learn More about each Astrological Sign and their Magical Products Below


The Master Planner



The Initiator

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The Nurturer



The Visionary



The Bull



The Mystic



The Communicator

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Leo sun, Aries Moon, and Taurus Rising


Rebecca, Co-owner & COO of PENN'S CHOICE, loves all things cosmic and magical. She has always been drawn to astrology, but she has been studying in earnest since 2020. She is a founding member of the Cosmic Calling Community from Soulshine Astrology, and she will be starting her astrology pro certification this March.

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