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CBD Oil: Welcome

When it’s time to set your intentions and turn your dreams into reality, anoint yourself with this sacred CBD-infused body oil intentionally created to enhance and harness the energy of the astrological sign, Capricorn.

Successful, Abundant, Patient. The Master Planner.


Infused with organically grown CBD to release tension, red garnet for vitality, confidence, and balance, cedarwood to calm and focus, rosemary to bring flow of conscious thought, and magical bergamot to promote ease in attracting your desires.

Suggested Use: Shake well. Massage a small amount onto your body.

Serving Size: 1 mL

Servings per Container: 5

Ingredients: *MCT Oil, *Sunflower Oil, *CBD-Infused Jojoba Oil, Red Garnet Crystal Chips, Tiger’s Eye Crystal Chips, Cedarwood Essential Oil, Rosemarry Essential Oil, Bergamot Essential Oil. *Denotes Organic

Storage: Store out of sunlight & keep out reach of children.

Red Garnet radiates with vitality, confidence, and passion. It is the birthstone of Capricorn known to harness the power and persistence of Saturn. You will absorb the energy of the crystals, as well as the CBD and essential oils, whenever you use this body oil. We recommend using it in intention-setting rituals (you can find ours below!) or anytime to need to get sh*t done! Keep it on your desk or next to your computer for when you need the determination of bid daddy Saturn!

Even Capricorn, ruled by the taskmaster planet of the zodiac, Saturn, needs to soften and rest in order to reach their desired heights. Soak up the rooted energy of Capricorn in this handmade bath bomb infused with calming CBD, clarifying & protective Tiger’s Eye, and an intentional blend of cedarwood, rosemary, and bergamot to bring ease, flow, and aid in turning your dreams into reality.

Ingredients: CBD hemp-infused coconut oil, tiger's eye crystal baking soda, corn starch, citric acid, epsom salt, cedarwood essential oil, rosemary essential oil, & bergamot essential oil.

Tiger's Eye is a deeply powerful and clarifying stone that can help balance your soul, calm anxiety, and bring renewed confidence. It can be used to increase vitality and attract abundance, as well as protect against negative energy and strengthen your self-worth.​ As you soak, your bath will be infused with the energy of this crystal, as well as the CBD and essential oils, and you will be able to keep the crystal afterward! Place it on your altar, a shelf, on your desk, or in your pocket to remind you of your intentions.


Capricorn is the master planner of the zodiac. An earth and cardinal sign ruled by Saturn, Capricorn energy is grounded, efficient, successful, abundant, determined, practical, and patient. This energy aims to succeed and is not afraid of the hard work it will take to get there. When Capricorn sets its sights on a goal, however challenging, much like the goat, they will traverse seemingly impossible terrain to get there, one step at a time. However, as Pluto, the planet of death and transformation, finishes up its long transit through Capricorn, our idea of success and the energy of the sign has transformed. How can we redefine what success looks like to us, and how can we tune into how we want to feel rather than simply what we want to accomplish?

The First New Moon of 2024 is on January 11, 2024 at 6:58am EST at 20 degrees of Capricorn

New Moons are powerful times to set intentions, and this one is extra special because it is the first New Moon of 2024. As we begin a new calendar year, we are naturally setting intentions, mapping out our goals, plans, and desires for the year ahead (it’s no accident that this coordinates with Capricorn season each year).


This year on this New Moon, we will be fresh out of Mercury Retrograde, which ends on January 1st, but still in the last bit of its retroshade period. After reviewing and reflecting on what we want to leave in 2023, we are now gaining clarity about what we truly desire. Usually, new moons are more about dreaming big and about how we want to feel rather than about action planning. We don’t always need to know how we are going to get where we want to go, but rather, we can use the energy to seed the intention, knowing that the “how” will come when it’s meant to. However, we’ve already had the opportunity to reflect and review during Mercury Retrograde, and we’ll be buoyed by the powerful action-planning energy of Capricorn. So we are perfectly supported by the cosmos to harness the energy of this new moon, to not just gain clarity on what we want to call in, but if we are intentional, quiet, and open, we may also be able to download the best, most efficient steps to take to achieve our goals.


Additionally, since this potent new moon is squaring the North Node of our soul’s destiny and the south node of our past karma, we have the opportunity to shift collectively and personally around our soul’s mission, evolution, and growth. Amen to that!

Explore The New Cosmic Collection

A collection of magical CBD-infused products intentionally created to enhance and harness the energy of each astrological sign.

Each handmade product is infused with magic, as well as our organically-grown CBD, ethically sourced crystals from Appalachian Rock Shop, and intentional blends of essential oils, flowers, and herbs. There is a duality, a both/and, within each of these cosmically-aligned products. Each one is designed to enhance the natural essence and gifts of the astrological sign as well as bring balance to where that sign’s energy can be challenged. 


As we move through the year, we collectively move through each sign's season. Therefore, you can choose products based on the season we are in to enhance that energy in your life. You can also choose based on upcoming New Moons, Full Moons, or based on whatever energy you want to enhance in your life. We have all the signs present in our birth charts, so use your intuition to guide you to what you need at this moment. You can also, of course, choose products based on your sun, moon, and/or rising sign.

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We designed this ritual to be performed during the New Moon in Capricorn on January 11th; however, you can perform it anytime during Capricorn season or whenever you feel called. Trust your intuition, you are your own guide!


What you’ll need for the Capricorn Intention-Setting ritual:


Capricorn Crystal & CBD-Infused Bath Bomb

Capricorn Crystal & CBD-Infused Body Oil

Cleansing herb (such as sage or palo santo) or incense

Journal and writing utensil

Optional: Candles, incense, additional crystals

Note: If you don't have one (or any!) of the tools, use whatever you have on hand. The tools are less important than the intention.


Collect your ritual tools, and start your bath. Turn down the lights, and light your candles, incense, and/or herb bundle. Be intentional with every step. As your bath fills, cleanse the crystal and CBD-infused bath bomb and body oil with smoke from the herb bundle or incense. As you run your bath bomb through the smoke, hold it in your hand and tune into the protective, calming, and clarifying power of the Tiger's Eye crystal. Next, cleanse your crystal and CBD-infused body oil with the smoke and tune into the revitalizing, balancing, and confidence-boosting energy of red garnet.


Use your intuition to choose a mantra (or several!) to repeat throughout your bath. Suggestions include:


I attract abundance by doing what I love. 

I make my dreams a reality through divinely inspired action. 

Abundance flows to me and through me.

I am successful. 

I redefine what success looks and feels like to me.

I have everything I need within me to attract my desires. 

I love my life and attract all that I desire.

I speak my intentions into existence. 

I see the next best step to take to reach my goals.

I know my desires are already mine. 


When your bath is filled, place yourself and the bath bomb in the tub. Watch as the bath bomb fizzes and transforms. Feel the energy of Tiger's Eye infusing your bath and energy field aiding you in centering and calming yourself, reminding you that you have the power within you to achieve your goals regardless of any obstacles. Breathe in deeply and allow the blend of Cedarwood, Rosemary, and Bergamot to wash over you. Allow your body, mind, and spirit to fully relax as you repeat your mantra(s). Release rigidity and see what comes up for you. Stay in the bath for as long as you feel called, and then unplug the drain. As the tub empties, imagine all obstacles, limiting beliefs, old patterns, stuck energy, and anything that is keeping you from your desires, washing down the drain. You may want to repeat, "I release all things that no longer serve me down the drain." 


Dry yourself slightly when you get out of the bath and anoint yourself with the crystal and CBD-infused body oil. Massage gently wherever you feel stress, tension, blocks, or strain. Follow where your intuition guides you, whether it’s your hands, feet, temples, scalp, or your whole body. Pay special attention to your knees, above and below, as well as any aching joints as Capricorn rules your bones, joints, and knees.


As you massage, inhale & exhale deeply through your nose and feel the infusion of calm confident clarity. Breathe in the blend of scents to ground and align your energy.


Feel balance returning to your system as you absorb the radiant energy of red garnet, and feel your confidence blooming knowing you have everything within you to achieve your goals and attract your desires.  


When you feel ready, free-write the answers to the following questions:


What did I release down the drain?

What did I make space for?

What do I want to call in over the next 6 months? And most, importantly, how do I want to feel?

What first step can I take to turn this dream into a reality?

How can I redefine success for myself? What does success look like to me?

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