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PENN'S CHOICE is quickly becoming the local choice for all things CBD

by PENN'S CHOICE in Pittsburgh City Paper


"If you drive down Gibson Road in October, you might think you’ve been transported to Humboldt County, but no, the Gibson family hemp farm is about as local as it gets. Nestled in the rolling hills of Northern Butler County, their 200-acre farm is filled with the purples and greens of their various CBD and CBG hemp strains of all terpene profiles and phenotypes. It’s the home of their aptly named hemp farm and brand, PENN’S CHOICE, and it’s a pretty magical place, especially if you’re a cannaisseur."



by Andrew Williams in CYTIES


"Our chill often needs a boost. Penn’s Choice’s hemp farm delivers top-quality CBD products, like Bath Bombs and Oils, to help relax your mind, body, and mood. It doesn’t get more homegrown than Penn’s, follow along on the ‘gram to see all the behind the scenes processes take place from the family farm to the farmers market. A bundle of CBD inspired products comes through our CYTIES office often, this stuff sets the bar.  The quality of Penn’s is as natural as Aaron Rodger’s arm in the red zone—an absolute touchdown for the body."


Locally Grown Hemp, Worth the Try!

by Michelle from Things That Make People Go Aww


"Always take care of your mind body and soul first. Use products that make you feel good about yourself without compromising your integrity... What can help with feeling achy and tired is using Penn’s Choice. I like them, because they are a wonderful family of hemp farmers who create very valuable CBD goods to take the edge off of all those annoying pain issues. Penn’s Choice is hemp grown in Pennsylvania with farmers that offer the full spectrum and top shelf CBD products."


Redevelopment Works - New Hemp Farm in Area

by Selina Pedi of The Progress News

"Ah, man, he would be so happy. I tell you what, he'd be out there, right now, in the field, working on a new discer or something, trying to find ways to make it even better." I was talking to Joe Gibson, a sixth-generation local farmer, about how his dad might feel about the most recent venture on the Gibson farm - hemp. The life of a farmer isn't an easy one, and he recalled how first it was his grandfather, his father, and himself as a boy, working the fields and caring for the livestock together.

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How To Use CBD In All Your Holiday Anxiety Baking

by Jessica Delfino in High Times


"Are you baking to cope with anxiety? You’re not alone. Here’s how to incorporate CBD into your pandemic-inspired creations.

2020 has been particularly baked. Instagram feeds have been overloaded with photos of breads, cookies, pies and other comfort foods—even more than usual—in our attempts to manage Covid-related stress and stay occupied while trying out a new recipe. Let’s call it what it is—anxiety baking."


2020 Stress Relief Holiday Gift Guide

by Sheridan Henderson in Home Business Magazine


"PENN’S CHOICE is a fully seed-to-sale family-owned hemp farm and brand in Western Pennsylvania. They specialize in craft CBD & CBD Flower, as well as full spectrum & handmade CBD products. Their 5-star rated CBD Salves are the perfect gift for the entrepreneur! The work from home life has everyone hunched over their computers, and nothing soothes neck and back pain quite like PENN’S CHOICE CBD Salve."

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Redevelopment Works - The Gibson Family Farm - Part 3

by Selina Pedi of The Progress News


Betsy Gibson loves to tell the story of how she, a vegetarian from Pittsburgh, fell in love with Joe Gibson, a rural pig farmer. We laugh as we imagine the “Green Acres” scenario, but I’ve always noticed something a little deeper, too: how two people who sometimes seem to have very different views and preferences have, in fact, very similar values and life goals. Joe and Betsy both care deeply about the well-being of others and their impact on the world around them, though they have different ways of expressing it."



by Deanna Tomaselli

CBD seems to be everywhere these days. I’ve never used it until recently, when I tried a new salve from Penn’s Choice.

I love sharing about family-owned businesses. So I was excited when Penn’s Choice reached out and I learned more about them. The family that owns this company — the Gibsons — have been farming since 1804 through 8 generations, with a 142-acre farm in Western Pennsylvania. When it became legal to grow industrial hemp in PA, they knew that was the future of their farm and their business, and Penn’s Choice was born!

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by KatBp


"PENN‘S CHOICE is a fully seed-to-sale family-owned hemp farm and brand in Western Pennsylvania. They specialize in craft CBD & CBD Flower, as well as full spectrum & handmade CBD products. Their 5-star rated CBD Bath Bombs are the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day!


...What I love most, are the CBD bath bombs. They’re amazing! These two I got from PENN’S CHOICE smell great and work amazingly too. If you’re looking for gifting something to help someone relax this Valentine’s Day, you can’t go wrong with these bath bombs."

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30 Gifts for People Who Don't Want Anything

by The Editors of She's Single Magazine


"Once again, the holidays are almost upon us. It’s always joyous watching the people we love open the gifts we’ve purchased, smiling from ear to ear—excited. It can get hard however to gift someone something every single year, especially those who at the moment, it may feel they need nothing at all. But that’s why we’re here, to provide you a list of great items you don’t THINK you need, but in reality, you do! Gifting should be all about surprising our loved ones with something unique and fascinating." 


Redevelopment Works - New Hemp Farm - Part 2

by Selina Pedi of The Progress News

“Locally sown, grown, and owned.” The emphasis on keeping things local ran throughout my conversations with the Gibson family as I continued to speak with them about their latest venture, hemp farming, and their line of medicinal hemp products, Penn’s Choice. Joe Gibson stressed the need to care for his family, friends, and neighbors. “We just wanted to do something that helped people, and wow, it feels so good to know that we are helping…"

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