Fresh New Strains!

In order to pick the strains we grew this last season, Steve used his instincts. First, he started by choosing the best seed supplier, Oregon CBD. They are the best in the business and provide top-quality feminized seeds as well as support for farmers. For those of you familiar with the hemp cultivation process, out of approximately 6,000 seeds, we only had 5 males. For those of you less familiar with the grow process, males are not invited to the party. If they mature and pollinate your females, then your flower will have seeds. No one wants that!

From there, choosing the specific strains was the fun part. Steve knew he wanted to grow at least two strains of CBG, as well as some high potency CBD, but he really just trusted his gut on what would be fun to grow, have high-quality yield, and would do well in our Western Pennsylvania climate. Based on the success of our harvest, we would say he picked wisely.

Suver Haze CBD