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PENN’S CHOICE CBD Releases its Craft Smokable Flower Strain, Sour G CBG

The Dopest Dope That Isn't Dope

With its First of Five New Releases this Season, PENN’S CHOICE is putting Pennsylvania on the Map for Premium Smokable CBD & CBG Flower

Eau Claire, PA, November 9, 2020 – PENN’S CHOICE, the fully seed-to-sale, family-run hemp farm and brand in Western Pennsylvania, has just released its Sour G CBG, the first of five new premium CBD and CBG smokable flower strains from its 2020 harvest. “While Colorado and Oregon are known as the big players in the smokable hemp flower game, PENN’S CHOICE is aiming to bring premium hemp cultivation back to Western PA,” Steve Gibson, Co-Owner of PENN’S CHOICE said.

Whether it’s the Pennsylvania climate, soil and rolling hills, or the special care that the Gibson family takes in their cultivation, the Sour G CBG strain is some of the highest quality to hit the market. This strain is known for its enticing crystal-covered flowers, its high potency of CBG and virtually non-existent THC. PENN’S CHOICE Sour G is particularly notable because of it’s beautiful flower, smooth taste, and of course, it’s potency. It contains 18.5% CBG - known as the "Mother of all Cannabinoids" - and 0.00% Delta 9 THC, which can’t be found elsewhere in the market.

“I have a lot of experience with the cannabis plant, and this is the best flower I’ve ever seen, whether it’s THC, CBD, or CBG. The pistol growth, trichome formation, and bud size are something I’ve never seen before,” Steve Gibson, Co-Owner of PENN’S CHOICE said. PENN’S CHOICE Co-Owner, Rebecca Zaccard, added, “Big things are coming out of this small farm! As a family farm, we aren't mass producing our flower, but rather, we are cultivating, curing and trimming it all with the utmost care. You can see the difference in the look, taste, smoke, and of course, how it makes you feel.”

Pennsylvania has a long tradition of hemp cultivation dating back to when the state was first founded. In 1683 when the Commonwealth was a mere two years old, one of the first laws that the General Assembly passed was making hemp valid coinage. Hemp was grown in Pennsylvania until the 1930’s and in recent years has become available for Pennsylvanians to cultivate again.

“As 7th and 8th generation Western Pennsylvanian farmers, we created PENN'S CHOICE in order to continue and build on that Pennsylvania legacy, and we’re doing it with the care and attention most often reserved for medically grown cannabis,” said Joe Gibson, Co-Owner.

From seed to sale, the family carefully curates the entire plant journey. They start by sourcing their seeds from the best in the industry, Oregon CBD, and then continue to give their plants the utmost care and attention as they grow. They use all-natural fertilizers and sustainable farming techniques, and the family has even been known to talk to their plants. They select their best top buds for every strain, and hand-trim and slow-cure them in their climate-controlled facility to ensure the best quality and ultimate potency.

Sour G CBG Flower is sold by the ¼ oz and retails for $34.99 at

In addition to their smokable flower collection, PENN’S CHOICE also offers handmade and full spectrum CBD Salves, CBD Bath Bombs, and CBD Pre-rolls which can be purchased directly from the PENN’S CHOICE website. For exclusive access to the new strains and discounts, customers can subscribe to their mailing list at

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