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PENN'S CHOICE Sublingual Oil - To Keep You Chill on the Daily

Crafted from our very own Pennsylvania-grown hemp and handmade with love in small batches, our sublingual CBD & CBG Oils are the perfect addition to your daily wellness routine. 

If you're looking to relax fully, rest well, and calm your stress, we suggest our Full Spectrum CBD Oil.


If you're looking for a daily boost in mood with a side of calm energy, our Full Spectrum CBG Oil is a great choice.


If you're like us and want a bit of both, we personally like the CBG Oil by day and the CBD Oil by night!

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Satisfied Customer

I recently purchased the new CBD oil product from Penn's Choice. The first time I purchased it was BC I had been waiting for its' availability. The second time, was BC I had already used this oil and found it to be the best CBD oil I have used so far. Also when I saw the chance to get a BOGO, how could I resist? Duh... I have been a fan of CBD for a couple[ of years. There has always been a quest for a better one. Penn's Choice is it.....The one that doesn't just relieve the pain but has a pleasant aroma and taste (I like the earthy smell of all their products), Additionally I like their packaging and prompt service. As customer service goes, I am the satisfied one.

Maisha D.

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