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Certificates of Analysis for Edibles

CBD Gummies

Batch: G1000


Delta-8 Gummies

Batch: M901

Batch: S901

Batch: O901

Delta-8 Galaxy Gummies

Batch: G1001

Delta-8 Rice Treats

Batch: R3001

Batch: F3001

Batch: C3001

Delta- 8 Space Balls

Batch: R4000

Batch: C4000

Batch: O4001

Delta-9 Gummies

Batch: C2001

Delta-8 Drinks

Batch: 8D1000

Delta-9 Drinks

Batch: 9D1000

Delta-8 Chocolates

Batch: 8C500

Delta-9 Chocolate

Batch: 9C5000

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