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PENN'S CHOICE Affiliate Program

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Hi, we're the Gibsons, and thank you for your interest in our partner program!


We're a family-owned hemp farm and brand, and community is at the heart of our business. We aim to grow our community, both local and virtual, with the same love and care that we use to grow our plants, and so we look forward to hopefully welcoming you into our PENN'S CHOICE family!



About our program:


We're all about providing value and ease for our partners. Each of our partners is unique, so while we offer general programs and terms (which you will see below), we are open to collaboration and creating the best partnership for each of you.



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Explore our Product Collections:

PENN'S CHOICE is a family-owned and seed-to-sale hemp farm and brand based in Western PA. We specialize in craft CBD & CBG flower as well as handmade and full spectrum CBD products. Our mission is to bring the healing power of hemp from our family farm directly to your home. We take our cues from Mother Earth (she knows best!), and so we use sustainable farming practices and craft our product line using the simplest and purest ingredients, the most important of which is our very own Pennsylvania grown hemp.


Sign up at or contact Rebecca at with any questions.

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